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Disaster Workshops

Our informative, interactive workshop is taught in such a manner that it can be applied to any disaster situation whether it is an unexpected man-made, technological, or natural disaster. You will learn how to deal with saving lives, fatalities, search and rescue, preventing panic, stress, and much more. The workshop can be geared for any type of facility(s), i.e. hotel, school, offices, factory, senior or medical facility, airport, high-rise… The Red Cross, FEMA, and Homeland Security suggest all homes and businesses are prepared with an emergency plan, a minimum of 6-days of emergency supplies, in the event that help may not be available for a number of days.

Your key employees that will be involved with emergency preparedness and dealing with the aftermath will learn and be empowered on what to do before, during, and after a disaster. The ideal size of a workshop for optimum learning is between 30 & 38 people. Depending on how many need to be trained more than one workshop can be held. The instructor will have you out of your seat at times, acting out various emergency scenarios. A printable workbook will be sent before the workshop, so each person attending can have a copy. The cost per 4 ½ plus hour workshop is $800. inclusive, plus expenses. The instructor can also assess the facility (s) and suggest what emergency supplies you will need for optimum preparedness. The following workshop description will give you an idea on what it can entail. We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding the workshop.

 “Before and After Disaster” Workshop
Man-Made, Technological, and Natural Disasters

Are you ready for a disaster? Do you have confidence in yourself and your support team that you could react responsibly in the event of a man-made or natural disaster? Do you have the necessary supplies in the event that help is not available for several days or more?

Our Workshops are somewhat different from the normal training you would receive from the Red Cross or the local Fire Department. Most workshops and lectures teach, “What you should do to prepare for Earthquakes”, hurricanes, pandemic, etc. and are motivational only to a small degree.

Our HIGH INTENSITY – HANDS ON Workshop deals with what to do before, during and after a disaster. We offer 4 ½ plus hours ($800. plus expenses) of teaching not just what to do, but how to do it. The informational dialogue, given by our in house instructor, is accompanied by 125 slides and a terrific workbook. He will also have you out of your seats as he creates an actual disaster scenario in one of your rooms, dresses you up in search and rescue gear, and shows you the do’s and don’ts of disaster management. We will gear the workshop to the type of business & facility, i.e. office, school, hotel, factory, retirement facilities, high-rise, etc.
The 4 1/2 Hour Workshop Includes:

#1 Earthquake, Hurricane, etc.
Awareness and Disaster Preparedness. Not your average run of the mill “stand in the hallway” course. We will cover such subjects as – what is a disaster – Laws Protecting Disaster Workers and Volunteers – Disruption of transportation Routes – Structural and Non-Structural Hazards – Safety Precautions and Supplies – How to Prepare your home, auto, and workplace.

#2 Fire Supression and Hazardous Materials
This is a comprehensive lesson in using a Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Hose. You will learn how to access your environment, how to Shelter in Place, how to develop a team that works effectively together.

#3 Disaster medical Operations I and II
A major disaster will overwhelm all medical personnel and hospitals within minutes. It’s up to you to know how to handle these delicate situations. We’ll train you in TRIAGE, Treating Victims for Shock – Controlling Bleeding – Checking Mental Status – How to Categorize Victims – and more. This knowledge is a MUST in any disaster situation. The complete S.T.A.R.T. System (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) will be taught.

#4 Light Search and Rescue
It’s 11:42 a.m., you are at work or school, and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes. You are assuming the duck, cover, and hold position. When it’s safe you stand up only to notice that half the room you are in has collapsed, trapping a number of people. What’s your next step? How can you be the most effective in this situation? You will learn Damage Assessment – Lifting Operations – Victim Removal – Evacuation – And more!

#5 Disaster Psychology and Team Organization
Prepares you for the emotional environment you will be confronted with. We will be stressing the need for teamwork. (you and your buddy), organization (how to create a disaster response team at work, or in your neighborhood) and logical planning (how to set up a incident command center). We will also be talking about helping children and adults cope with a disaster. Don’t leave home without this class! Be prepared not complacent…

Disaster Preparedness Section
Emergency Response Team Program


Earthquake , Hurricane, etc. Prepardness, Preparation & Emergency Team Operation

  • Registration

  • Introduction

  • Earthquake, (hurricane, etc) threat in your region

  • Personal and family preparation

  • Non-structural hazard mitigation

Disaster Fire Suppression Techniques

  • Fire Chemistry

  • Fire extinguisher use

  • Utility Control

  • Creative fire fighting techniques

  • Hazardous materials emergencies

Disaster Medical Operations (Part One)

  • Recognizing and treating non-life threatening emergencies

  • Triage

  • Treatment area management


Disaster Medical Operations

  • Evacuation

  • Search techniques

  • Rescue Methods

  • Cribbing and shoring

  • A search and rescue exercise

Team Organization and Management

  • Developing a response team

  • Incident Command System

  • Size up

  • Disaster psychology

Question and Answer Period

About the Instructor

Mr. Herb Kahn – Southern California

Certified CPR instructor with the American Red Cross – Graduate of the Urban Search and Rescue Program – Graduate of the Los Angeles and Torrance Fire Department C.E.R.T. Program – Graduate of F.E.M.A. “Train the Trainer” course –commissioner of City of Torrance Disaster Council – F.E.M.A. Mass Casualty and Fatality Management Training – Disaster Management and Disaster Recovery

Mr. Kahn travels around the country conducting his popular informative
workshop. He takes the common sense approach & fusing it with proven hands on techniques. The workshop is taught in a manner that can be applied to any disaster situation, whether it is a man-made, technological, or a natural disaster. He can also
evaluate your preparedness supplies and facilities for optimum preparedness. If you are starting from scratch, suggest what you need within your budget.

Please call for additional information regarding fees and scheduling opportunities.
Contact: Val Parsel Website: Tel. 831-659-0933





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